About Us


Owners: Patrick and Jeff Fancy

Fancy PWC LLC is family owned and operated. We started working with jet skis in 2006 when we needed a part for our family ski. Our father quickly learned that new OEM parts are cost prohibitive for most two-stroke jet skis. He decided to start a small salvage operation in our garage. He did this mostly to offer us, his three sons- Jeff, Patrick, and Alex, a means to a paycheck while balancing high school and college and athletics.

In 2012 we started to grow the business. We now buy dead and dying jet skis all over Michigan and have established relationships with many dealers and service shops. As the business has grown, we have come across numerous jet skis that either run or are just a simple fix away from being water ready. We have talked for years about how much renting a ski can cost and how there needs to be more affordable options. Rather than scrap all of these skis, we have decided to start fixing and maintaining a fleet of two-strokes (and purchase three new four-strokes to go with them). Renting out these two-strokes allows us to offer a more affordable alternative for those who want to get out and enjoy the water.