Rental Policies

Must be 21 to rent or operate gas powered vessels
Driver’s license required on all rentals

All persons born after 12/31/78 must have boaters safety certificate in possession to operate gas powered vessels. To get certified go to Michigan’s Official Boater Safety Course and Online Boating Exam.

Deposits required on all advanced rental reservations- $300 for four-strokes and $100 for two-stroke.

Jet ski rules and regulations provided

All four-stroke rentals require a $1,000 damage deposit.Deposit for two strokes will vary depending on the ski.  All damage deposits must be made on a pre-authorized credit card or cash deposit at time of rental. This deposit will be refunded 100% when the watercraft is returned undamaged, excepting normal wear and tear

A representative of Fancy PWC will inspect each watercraft prior to departure for prior damage. An inspection sheet will be logged, and becomes part of your rental contract. We strongly advise you to perform your own inspection as well. Please be thorough, as you will be responsible for any damage found upon return

A 6% State of Michigan Use Tax will be collected for each rental

Fancy PWC, LLC is a watercraft rental company. We do not sell fuel. All watercrafts are delivered with a full tank of gas and oil tanks topped off. Renters have two options for fuel: Return the jet ski with a full tank of gas, or prepay for one full tank of gas at current pump prices. If neither of these conditions is met renter will be billed for a full tank of gas plus $25. Oil tanks must also be returned full. Failure to do so results in a $25 charge.

Fancy PWC LLC offers NO insurance for damage to the machines. You may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Please check with your insurance agent about adding a rental damage rider to your homeowner’s policy if you are not already covered.

PAYMENT- Payments will be accepted via cash, cashier’s check, or credit card. Checks will be accepted for payment for full rental cost but must be received no less than 14 days before the reservation is set to commence.

CREDIT CARDS – Renter(s) acknowledges and understands that Owner(s) only accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit cards via PayPal (

SUBSTITUTIONS- It is inevitable that reserved equipment will occasionally be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances at the time of your rental reservation. We reserve the right to offer you substitute equipment of equal or greater value in lieu of the originally reserved equipment at no extra cost to you. If no alternate equipment is available, we really have no choice but to reschedule or cancel your reservation.

CANCELLATIONS – 15 or may days outside of the reservation will result in a full refund of deposit less a 10% handling fee. Cancellations between 8-14 days will be fully refunded less a 10% handling fee only if we are able to rebook for the full duration of the canceled rental. If not able to rebook the deposit will not be refunded. There are absolutely not refunds or rebates for any cancelations 7 days or less from the reservation. Renter(s) are responsible for the entire jet-ski rental rate once delivery has been made regardless of whether you cancel or leave early. Full amount of rental is due at the time of delivery. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will otherwise be offered.

Check out our entire rental agreement Fancy PWC Waiver

Basic Guidelines for a Safe and Fun Boating Experience


  • Have driver’s license ready and cash or credit card for damage deposit
  • Complete watercraft inspection list
  • Three life jackets will be provided with each rental-make sure to get correct sizes
  • Sign and complete our rental agreement


  • Give watercraft another quick inspection as you are responsible for any damage that is incurred during the duration of your rental
  • Make sure you have a copy of the rental agreement (which includes the liability waiver) and boater’s safety (if applicable)
  • If also renting a trailer make sure everything is secured (hitch, and watercraft)


  • Return all items rented, including: watercraft, life jackets, key or lanyard, and all safety equipment. Renter is responsible for all lost item and will be charged accordingly
  • Report any damage that occurred while the watercraft was in your possession
  • Conduct inspection of watercraft with Fancy PWC representative and signoff on final damage report


  • Jet skis and boats must not be started or running in less than two feet of water. The propulsion systems draw water from the lake and force it out the back, creating a vacuum like action under the watercraft capable of sucking up rocks, shells, and vegetation. These items can cause damage to the propulsion system and are leave the renter with a costly repair bill
  • No matter what watercraft you are on, keep an eye on all water traffic. Jet skis are the most agile, so if operating one remember to yield to all other watercrafts
  • Do not run watercrafts with people standing near
  • A good rule to practice is staying 200 feet from all other watercrafts
  • If leaving the watercraft unattended remember to remove the key and lanyard and keep it on your person
  • Please be aware of all boating laws and safety information regarding the operation of your watercraft. You can be kept up to date by reading the Michigan Boater’s Safety Handbook